Monday, June 14, 2010

Languidly Persisting

It would seem the New Year's high has worn off and this blog, my YouTube channel, and all my other online endeavors are suffering from a stagnation.  The lack of content is not the result of any change of heart, a sudden conversion, or angry Muslim payback; sorry to disappoint.  It's merely my apathetic nature coupled with a lack of topics.  I have pages of ideas for topics, but it seems I'm always finding time for other things in my life.  Life gets in the way occasionally, and at least for me, "real life" will take precedent over the virtual realm any day.

This is not a goodbye of any kind.  I'm simply on another indeterminate hiatus.  I appreciate the comments and views on all my internet outlets, and thanks especially to Fastthumbs and other constant readers of the STA blog.   There will be more to come...and perhaps soon.  I've been mulling over a future YouTube video, so if my computer cooperates and I can get the words to come out of my mouth correctly (it seems my fingers like to talk a hell of a lot more than my mouth does), I'll be uploading that before long.  Thanks again for the support, and always feel free to drop me an email or hit me up when I'm on Stickam -- you can now do that right from this blog!

Stay skeptical,