Friday, December 16, 2011

A Horseman Falls

Life is keeping me busy and while I do plan to make future posts, I'm not entirely certain when.

Tonight I just wanted to put up a small, mournful post regarding the death of Christopher Hitchens.  I'm not sure what I could add to the outpouring of remembrance posts that have flooded the internet since his death last night, except to say that I'm sorry I never got to met him.  Hitch was an extraordinary influence on me during the time I began my road to recovery, as it were.  He had such a captivating grasp of language and could craft a sentence that made my budding intellectual mind hum with intrigue.  I've always wanted to be able to spontaneously generate such cogent strings of words like Hitchens could.  Not only was he a great speaker, his arguments were -- are -- among the best presently available, and I doubt a similar figure will appear in my lifetime.  I'm thankful to Hitch for being in the right place for me at the right time, and for delivering a wealth of counterpoints and kernels of thought that I'll can always go back to and study.  We'll always have his work.

So tonight I'll raise a glass in remembrance of Hitch, an eloquent speaker and a wonderful human.