Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Fat Lady is Sleeping

Well, it seems the "end of the world" has once again come and gone.  While the faithful are busy trying to rationalize their cognitive dissonance, reality continues -- as it always does -- forward.  I am both enraged and saddened at Harold Camping for the casualties left in his wake of fear-mongering, and simultaneously filled with schadenfreude for the dumbfounded scratching their heads in disbelief.

Let's face it, none of raptor-ready halfwits are in any kind of "shock" right now.  When the mind is addled with such a lack of critical thinking, it can come face-to-face with contrary or antipodes information and still assume it was right all along.  The double-think involved is seen any many other areas of theistic's like a staple or a necessity for it.  In fact, I'd be amazed if I could find one of these May 21st people who would say, "I truly believed the world was going to end, and when it didn't I realized there was something deeply wrong with my thinking."

One can wish.  Next up to get bitch-slapped by the world when it sticks around: the Mayans.

(Typed while listening to ├ćnema)