Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Hypocritical Atheist?

I was recently asked the absurd question: isn't it hypocritical to enjoy supernatural things if you're an atheist? Of course not! People can like anything, regardless of their position on religious ideas. It's even possible to enjoy religious ideas! Believing in them and liking them aren't the same thing.

Walk Like an Egyptian
Here's a list of things I enjoy, despite my attitudes toward theism:
  • I cover the song "Last Kiss"
  • I love Collective Soul
  • the Sistine Chapel is breathtaking, even in photographs
  • Christian radio programs make me laugh
  • I dabble in close-up magic
  • I play Magic: The Gathering
  • I say "oh my god", "oh god", "god damn it", and sometimes even "bless you"
  • Signs scared the shit out of me
  • some of my favorite people are theists
  • I read fantasy stories (including the Bible)
  • I regularly watch TV series like The X-Files, Reaper, and Supernatural
  • Amazing Grace, if done well, can move me to tears

I do all kinds of things that might seem hypocritical -- I practice science...WTF am I doing playing "Magic"?! It's only hypocritical if I believe that "magic" is real. Religious art, music, and customs can be appreciated at face value without the need for their belief. I don't have to think the Devil is real to enjoy a bad-ass rendering of him. We can sing "Santa Claus is coming to town" without actually believing it!

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