Sunday, February 2, 2014


Wow.  Nine posts in two years?  And the last one, in 2013, didn't even mention the end of the world?

Sad, I know.  But life has found a way to make me put down my mouth-peace to the world.  I've been raising my first child, and we are expecting another any day now.  I haven't forgotten about you though, and I peruse the news feeds and videos almost daily, but have found that I like playing outside with my daughter more than face-palming to the latest theistic nonsense.  Taking care of a child is hard work, and like I said, I'm about to start the entire process all over again.

However, I've been entertaining the idea of jumping in again.  Slowly at first, mind you...but part of me misses the communities, camaraderie, and combat here.  So expect to see a few more posts from me in the very near future.  But be warned -- I'll likely be suffering from lack of sleep.  Brace yourself for louder-than-usual rants.


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